Do you think there can be a problem in paradise, too? It is a strange question since everyone believes that paradise means the end of all problems, a place where everything is pleasant and perfect. But it is worth asking if there can be problems there too.

Sometimes we are in a perfect and desirable situation. Finances are well in place. Health is in pink. The family is living happily. Friends are supportive and encouraging. But still, something keeps tingling at the back of our minds. What is that –  a problem in paradise? Have you ever faced such a situation in your life? It becomes so tricky that we don’t even know what is lacking. While everything is fine, yet, something is wrong – which bothers us continually. If someone asks how they can help, we don’t have any answer, because we don’t know what the actual issue is.

In Iran, there is a very popular tradition. On the day of 21 December, known as Shab e Yalda, families gather at the house of the eldest member, mostly grandparents. All children, with their families, meet to celebrate the evening. One important ritual of this event is to read Fa’al of Hafez, a great Persian poet in the 14th century who is considered to be one of the greatest visionaries. You have to make a wish in your mind and then a page in the book of Hafez is opened randomly to reveal one poem. The poem is interpreted by the elders and you relate it to your asked wish. It gives an indication as to how good the coming year would be for you. But on such occasions, there has to be some wish in mind to fulfil, or some problem in life to solve. What if you are unable to actually zero down on any particular wish, feeling that you already have everything in life, or identify any specific problem as if nothing is wrong, but still something unidentifiable keeps bothering you? A very typical situation for some people who have achieved a lot, and fought hard to resolve every issue. A kind of situation when you feel like being in paradise but still some unreckonable problem keeps bothering you.

If this is a situation that you have ever faced in life, perhaps that is what we can call a problem in paradise, which does not seem to be big trouble yet it doesn’t allow you to live in perfect harmony. How to find out and how to resolve that issue is not a philosophical but a real question. Do you have any such problems in your paradise?

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