I have a choice, a preference and a taste. You too have some way of selection and same is the case with everyone. At times we exercise our cognitive faculties to pick up a thing from the available lot. And then what we get is called our ‘choice’.
Why and How can anyone question application of mind in such personal discretionary matters? But I have witnessed very talented, over ambitious and critical comments when a person has chosen something from the available options.
Questions are like ‘why this?’ ‘why not that?’.
Comments are like ‘Your selection criteria is defective’. ‘It is not a wise choice’. ‘That or those would have been better’.
I realized that such behavior is obviously not desirable, rather sometimes irritating and would surely make the person uncomfortable. I am afraid even I might have been such an “over wise” philosopher to advise others on their wisdom of selection, but have certainly realized that at least I won’t behave in this manner anytime, at least knowingly.

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