On Sunday 12 April, the Friends of India Society International, UK (FISI-UK) & Indian National Students Association, UK (INSA-UK) jointly organised a live webinar on the topic of ‘Art of Remaining Positive’, the first under its newly introduced ‘Positive Connect Webinar Series during Covid-19’. I was invited to be the Keynote Speaker in this first live webinar to address Indian students and professionals stranded in the UK during the lockdown imposed in India. As there are no flights operating to India from anywhere in the world, some of the Indian nationals are not able to go back home. It is understandably due to the unprecedented situation created by the coronavirus pandemic. 

This situation has created anxiety and stress amongst all of us, especially who are living abroad, away from family. We are worried for our parents and siblings. Their wellbeing and our safety are cause of concern for each other. It is but natural that many of us feel depression, disappointment and discouragement. In this situation, remaining positive is very very important not only for us but also for our families back home. Some of the points I made during my live talk, and while answering questions, are reproduced below. I hope they will be useful to readers. 

To stay safe, we all must Stay HOME. HOME means H – Healthy, O – Optimistic, M – Managed & E – Energetic.

To stay healthy, we must be mindful of our food, exercise and sleep. Do not over eat. Do not miss nutritional food. Exercise to keep your body active. It may be simple stretching, yoga or home based bodyweight exercise. Having proper sleep is the most important. Stress causes sleeplessness. It has to be avoided. 

To stay optimistic, we need to feel our mind with good reading, positive affirmations and forward looking attitude. Remember, life does not depend on what will happen in this short period of a few weeks or months. Focus on long term goals of life. Be it study or career. See your longer future. It will hardly be affected by this situation. So remain forward looking. Remain Optimistic. 

To stay managed, we must take care of the supply of our basic necessities like groceries and medicines. Manage your time and routine. Manage your thoughts and emotions as well. By giving affirmative inputs, you will avoid negative emotional outputs. If you face any difficulty in terms of food, medicine, any other basic necessities, or emotional wellbeing – contact someone whom you know. You may also contact some organisations and request for help. Remember, this should be for necessities, not for wishes. 

To stay Energetic, you have to keep your body and mind fit. Good health and positive mindset are essential. Yoga, Pranayam and meditation can help. Prayer to almighty will also go a long way in keeping up spiritual energy. Develop and use the energy for keeping yourself healthy, optimistic and managed.

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