Wise people are able to set in the worldly traditions successfully and therefore do not need any change. They are accurate in art of adaption. All predictable achievements come across them easily. 

But unique accomplishments are achieved by crazily committed people. Change becomes inevitable for them as they find it impossible to modify their desires according to the dominant traditions. They aspire for new world and purpose in life. 

As Robert Brault rightly said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single happy delusion that it can be done without a stop-over.” This appropriately explains actions of Columbus and Vasco de Gama. Deciding to pursue a journey that has never been started till now requires courage. Unknown paths are explored only by those dreamy persons who cannot see reality but relish in imagined goals. 

However, we all live in and confirm to set customs for most part of our life but glorious victories of deviant people should inspire us to take a different, difficult and uncarved direction for at least one aspect of our life to bring forth unparalleled result. 

Let us start a journey of thousand miles under a happy delusion of changing at least one aspect of life for improvement. May we not take risk big enough to put all coins in one game of gamble but a small part can certainly be waged on the confidence of our commitment to do the thousand miles journey without a stop over.

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