Many times people are appreciative of a product or service when given free. Take an example: Google is free, people like it. Gmail and its storage does not cost them money, so people use it. When it comes to buying more storage, only a few people are ready to pay. Similarly, any service that is available for free is cherished. Any goods or items given for free are praised. But what happens when you demand a price for them? If people are willing to pay, that is the real appreciation.

Currently, we are living in a world where the mentality is more of getting services for free. Especially services. For tangible goods, people have a mindset to pay, but if you are offering a service, there is an attitude that it doesn’t cost. But what about time, money and talent used in creating and providing those services? Buying a book is only a second option, unfortunately for many, which is exercised if they cannot download it for free. Watching a pirated movie is no shame for the majority of the people, unless the country strictly bans them. Why don’t we understand that writing a book, making a movie, or offering a seminar involves lots of work behind it. Why should they be free?

Consider a friend who is making his living by providing consultancy services. How many of you would be willing to pay his professional charges for taking advice? But if the same friend is selling tomatoes, we are okay to pay. Somehow we don’t value the product which cannot be touched. Intangible services are not classified as goods in our frame of mind. If you are providing a career guidance seminar, will it not be because of hard work given in the preparation, and dedicated man hours in organisation? Then why should others not be willing to admire it with a payment?

We need to develop a mentality that anything that involves labour behind it has to be a paid service. Let’s come out of the expectation of getting things for free. Remember, there are no free lunches, which means something is given in return of the services or products you are availing, whether you are aware of that giving or not. It’s true that all charges are not in terms of money, and therefore, no pound or rupees may be deducted from your bank account, but when you ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions of the product or services, you are consenting to pay the price!

It is obvious that if you are paying for something, it’s better than getting something for free. Free things come with baggage which may break your back tomorrow and you would not be able to recover from that burden. But when you buy something by making a payment, you know how much you are giving. It also encourages the manufacturer, service provider, knowledge worker and creators to make their products and services better. Payment is a way of appreciation. If money is so dear to you, how much would it be to the recipient, especially in return for their hard work?

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