Some people are aggressive by nature while others are passive. Some may keep complaining for every small problem, others are accomodating. They react differently to the similar situations. For one, reaction time is short while others take ages to even respond. Some people might react very aggressively to each event, being belligerent by nature. Others might simply remain undisturbed even in the most aggitating environment, because their attitude is pacifist.

The belligerent types are inherently rebellious who do not accept any solution unless it has been suggested by them. Sometimes even if their conditions are accepted, they fear a conspiracy. In short, they do not trust anyone, cannot imagine that things can be normal ever. In their mind, there has to be some kind of conflict to protect their rights. You might be able to relate to some known people around yourself who are always at struggle with something. They keep finding faults and keep complaining for every small detail.

The pacifist category of people are accomodative in any circumstance, even when nothing is going right. They try to find a zone of peace even in conflicts and live there at ease. Nothing disturbs and they do not get angry. If everyone is contended, they are even happy to give away some of their rights. They do not aim for an ideal world, nor do they try to establish one. Adapting to the situation is their prime quality. They believe in what Dalai Lama says: Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

It is true that everything flows from one’s attitude. Therefore, how we react in any situation is also conditional on our nature. Whether one is quarrelsome or arbitrator depends on frame of mind. As Ralph Waldo Emerson writes, ‘Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.’ It is your own nature, attitude and outlook towards life that puts you in the state of inner peace or conflict. Whether you want live in perpetual state of anxiety or adapt to the world you are living in, depends on you. So the choice is yours- to be a belligerent or a pacifist.

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