In today’s time, it is a fashion to be busy or at least appear to be occupied. Even those who are unemployed are saying that they are hard-pressed. No one has time. People are permanently in a hurry and have no time for simple things in life. It’s surprising that none of them is actually doing anything that is so important. Even the bosses tend to give the impression that the given task is the most important and utmost urgent. While knowing fully well that the same could easily be done during the weekdays, and in-office time, there is a trend to work and make others work during the weekend. Many times it is for such trivial tasks which don’t even need any attention.

This trend is killing peace of mind. Unfortunately, this culture has led us to a situation where unless you show up to be busy, people don’t take you seriously. Therefore not only the top bosses but also the junior executives follow the same mania. They pick up a task and give lots of time to the things which can otherwise be accomplished in much lesser time. It is as simple as that if you don’t have anything really important to do, you make whatever you are doing more important. You show that the work you are handling is so complex and demanding that it can’t be left at all. This tendency of acquiring self-importance is somewhere the reason behind everyone being badly busy in the world. This problem of being constantly occupied does not end there. It has many consequences.

It takes away your personal and family time. Overstretched schedule not only fills your diary but also your mental space. While in the ideal situation, whenever you leave the office, you should forget the work. But it doesn’t happen in most corporate and government offices. People bring office and work with themselves at home. In their mind, the work remains a constant thought. It’s petty but common. And, as said, many of them are non-demanding tasks. So, examine your diary and routine. Are you busy just for the sake of being involved or it is really something that needs your personal, compelling attention?

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