If you run on treadmill for thirty minutes at the speed of six miles an hour, where will you reach? Nowhere, right? Running on treadmill shows distance but doesn’t take us that far in reality.

Many times life is like treadmill. We run around from early morning till late night. Work hard. Make required efforts. Yet make no progress. At the end, we remain where we began. That’s like running on treadmill.

Majority of people feel exhausted at a point in life and introspect why they have made no progress after lots of efforts. Years of hard work and dedication, but still they stand at the place where began. Doing an activity for the sake of it, walking without having any goal post to reach, making efforts without aspiring any result – certainly leads to discouragement. Losing energy without gaining result is grossly disappointing.

A boat anchored at shore cannot move even if we keep pedalling constantly. Pushing a door which opens on pulling is similar waste of energy. Aspiring to make a fish run on the ground is naturally impossible. Sometimes, our energy is wasted in such mindless efforts expecting impossible results.

Therefore, if you are working on a project for long time and not getting expected result, revisit your methods. If years of hard work has not improved your situation in life, it’s high time to check whether you are running on a treadmill and expecting to reach somewhere?

It will be useful to sit down and introspect whether your efforts are good enough for the task at hand? Whether those efforts are in the right direction? Are they consistent? Such mindful analysis will help in identifying reasons why desired results are not achieved.

Identify faults and mistakes made till now. Make your every step count. Let your each action result into tiny achievement. Achieve success by using your energy in right way and right direction. Stop running on the treadmill of life.

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