Beginners have a chance to become expert in due course if they continue to work on their skills. But the experts, who do not have the mindset of learning, will one day become obsolete. Yes, this is true for all the sectors of profession, creativity and life. An expert in technology has to be updated on the development in his field, with a learning mindset. If he doesn’t do so, he will become outdated. The best typists in court compounds have lost their jobs when computers have taken over the field.

Beginners have the flexibility to decide what to learn and how to imbibe a new skill. But the experts, who are already established in the industry have inertia. They cannot leave the progress they have already made in their field. Going to a new area means putting themselves up in the competition of all newcomers. This washes away their advantage in the field which is acquired after years of hard work. This is a genuine problem with them. But at the same time, progress and matching steps with the changing time is essential. Therefore, it is praiseworthy if an established person can make up mind to learn new skills.

However, be it a beginner or an established expert in any field, hard work and an open mind are essential. As we have heard time and tide waits for none, so is the changing technology, dynamics of the modern world and new preferences also change with time. Generations are changing fast and so is the requirement for change in adaptability. Better flexibility and adaptability is a sure formula for success in today’s world. Those who cannot adapt to new situations are in danger of becoming obsolete. Therefore, beginners are at an advantage in the fast-changing world.

It will be a good exercise to examine your ability to change with time, to adapt to the new situation, interest in learning new skills, and finally to become an expert in new areas.

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