Today is the last Sunday of 2019. The best time to take stock of the year that has gone. Where we succeeded? What was right thing we could do? Where did we fail? What could have been better and different? Many questions to be asked and answered in this exercise. After all, introspction and self censorship are useful tools of self improvement.

Soon will begin 2020. The new year. But it will also be the beginning of a new decade. When the world celebrated 2000 as beginning of new century, I felt there was some mistake. It should begin from 2001. But the celebration went on. I also enjoyed. There was no mention of millennium in 2001. Similarly, the decade of teens (seventeen, eighteen, nineteen) have ended and twenty has arrived. So the new decade is at the door step.

While people make planning for the new year, this time we can also set our eyes on broader perspectives of decade. Major goals for the decade, where we would like to see ourselves after ten years, can also be planned. While the annual planning or goal setting done by the end of December will continue to guide our efforts, decade long vision may provide direction.

It will not be out of context to mention that whatever we do, should aim at making our lives better and fulfilled. The four pillars of life: 1. Health, 2. Career, 3. Family-Society & 4. Spirituality-Entertainment shall remain the touchstone for every goal. Without good health, no achievement is enjoyable. Good career and stable financial situation can make life comfortable. Without family and friends, what is the use of all riches? And finally, everything is perceived from our spirituality and mental attitude. So these four aspects are much inter related, and without one, other is not meaningful. Following one at the cost of others is like driving a punctured vehicle. It cannot go longer and faster.

So, the new decade beginning from 2020 and ending in 2029 stands in front of us. A good vision board with major goals should be prepared. And remember, failure in achieving the goal is acceptable, but setting of smaller goals is not acceptable. So set the goals higher and bigger for the decade. Then break them up in ten years for pursuing step by step. 2020 as a year is the first step in that direction. Therefore, make beginning the best.

Set targets for 2020 – the year and 20s decade as well.

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