India has been a land of diversity for millennia. People wonder how to know a country like India in one lifetime. That’s true. But if you are a Person of Indian Origin (PIO), Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or even a Foreigner, and your age is between 18 to 35 years, here is a chance for you to be invited for Bharat Darshan (India Tour) by the government of India. How?

Government of India has launched the third round of ‘Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz 2020-21’ i.e. ‘Know India Quiz Contest 2020-21’ which offers participants to win a chance to visit India. Overseas Indian Affairs-II Division of the Ministry of External Affairs has requested participants to visit and register for the quiz context. Registration began on 30 September and will close on 30 November. The Quiz will start on 1st November. It is a global quiz contest and there is no entry fee. For the first Round 5 topics will be covered: Arts, Economy, Geography, Indian Mythology and Science & Technology. For the second, semi-final and final round, all topics given on website will be covered. Some reading material is also provided on each topic on

There will be four rounds of quiz in online mode.

The first round will be held from 1 to 30 November and will be open to all registrants in the above-mentioned category and age groups. Winners from each country will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. It is a welcome round.

The second round will include participants from 1st round and will run from 7 to 13 December. This is the qualifying round.

The third round will last from 14 to 20 December for the top ten contenders of the second round participants, from each category i.e. PIO, NRI and Foreigner, totalling 30 contenders. This is the semi-final.

The fourth and final round will be held from 21 to 27 December 2020 for top 7 contenders of the third round, totalling 21 participants.

Final winners will include 5 in each category and three of them will be awarded medals and 2 consolation prizes. In addition, all 15 winners will be invited for Bharat Darshan i.e. India Tour.

Mock quiz has already started. You may register and start playing.

All the best to all participants. India is waiting for you.

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