A man of fifty, standing out of the gate of a prison, after finishing a jail term of 20 years, would initially find it difficult to settle in the free world, outside prison. Although life in jail would not have been the desirable one but the routine set up for years would have created a comfort zone for him. Outside he would have to settle in a new world which he was not a part of for last twenty odd years. Comfort zone is not something which needs to be really a comfortable zone but which exists for sufficiently long time to make the individual adjusted to it. 

Feeling safe and settled is not enough to assure best of the possible life. Inertia to move out of a routinely established life may even suppress the desire to be free from jail. Being better than others in the area of activity does not establish success because the field we have chosen might be much less than our actual potential. An athlete with ability to compete marathon should not satisfy himself by being the best runner of his village. 

Although it takes a bit of courage to explore unknown territories, but to bring out the best of the person, he must enter into adventurous trips. Attempts to break the ground in new regions will open up possibilities of expanding horizon. The skills never utilised till now will be learned and employed. Those characteristics of personality which were considered strength might prove to be below average and possibility of improvement may open up. 

Developing technologies and methodologies are increasing number of opportunities very fast. Keeping an eye on the new avenues will give an advantage of being the first mover in those areas. Initially it would be difficult to take decision and move forward but as said earlier, mind creates comfort zone even in prison. Don’t hesitate because of difficulties in changing the route of life, after a while it will become your own path. Give sufficient time and it will become your new comfort zone. Therefore, given better opportunities and chances to succeed, don’t hesitate to change the comfort zone. 

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