Time, society and culture has own effects on perspective of a man, all of them influencing in different proportion to develop ideas and vision of life. No wonder different society treats a similar incident in apparently different manner. Not only that, one incident may be varyingly responded to by the same set of culture at different periods in history. 

Constant change in perspective towards life is nature of human being, imbibed throughout ages we have lived in. Two persons in a family would behave uniquely to a visitor coming without notice. Success and failure would be experienced and withstood by all, but in a way typical to the personality of an individual. 

No one views the world same everyday, eventhough the surrounding is unchanged. If someone does, he needs to be reminded of a noteworthy quote by Muhammad Ali who said, “The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” Eyes do not change; sight or surroundings remain same; but views and attitude change;  in tandem with time, experience and education in life. 

Progressively shifting frame of reference towards farther horizon is a sign of growth and development of mind. Every morning the rising sun must bring energetic enthusiasm to make the day better by reacting to the situations in more constructive way. This happens by changing perspective and attitude towards life, of which all other aspects are only parts of. 

Being committed to rise and run till success, a dynamic diversion from routinely set aperture is inevitable. 

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