Conflict of choice is a situation we face frequently in life. While sitting in a restaurant, looking at the menu, there are a number of conflicting choices in mind, hustling with each other to get priority. When deciding on a career, getting married, buying an apartment or investing in any company – every time there are multiple choices and our mind faces a dilemma to choose one from them. Even when we know that we have exercised all precautions and applied the best criteria in making the final decision, the mind remains in a situation of predicament.

A friend asked about a locality for purchasing a house. This advice was being sought after he had already purchased one. Just to make sure that his choice was correct! Has it ever happened to you that you have pondered over different choices even after having made one? Are you constantly in a catch-22 situation for your future? Did you ever think that you would have done better if you were not in a job but doing a business? Or that you would have made a better academician, not a practising lawyer? This enigma troubles almost everyone, especially someone who thinks a lot. If you happen to be an easy-go-lucky person, there are fewer chances of facing such riddles, but otherwise, hardly anyone can remain unaffected by them.

The confusion arises not because of any particular logical reason but mainly based on a fear of choosing the wrong option or missing out on the better one. Having no reason to believe that the choice we have made is in any way inferior to what we have left out, there should be no conundrum in the mind. But it is almost impossible to make a choice and then not think over its merit again. This may be also a result of the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). In case you are frequently facing this situation, be sure you are not the only one.

It is important to accept the choices we have made in life or to make a firm decision to change the course of the future. Just pondering over conflicting choices is not a solution. To reduce anxiety arising out of conflict of choices in mind, it is better to pick up a pen and paper and put down the decision we have already made on one side and note down other choices that are puzzling us. Then analyse whether any of them will be better and viable option. What will it take to change the decision and what will be the final outcome. Do an analysis of pros and cons of conflicting choices and than make the decision once again. If the mind says that what you had decided earlier is a better option, strike out all other conflicting choices and give rest to your mind.

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