Every day is not a good day. Some days are challenging. Other days are stressful. No cricketer scores a century in every match. No footballer goals in each match he plays. Not even all penalty kicks are successful. We all have to deal with situations which are out of our control. Therefore we need to learn to live even on those days which are not successful.

It happens many times that our day starts badly. You might have an irritating mood or angry temperament on a particular day. You might yell at your spouse or put snobbish behaviour towards your colleagues. You know that it might cost you a lot, but you can’t stop. It may not be your usual self, yet beyond your control. If you try to take command of the situation, it might even get worse. On such days, unfortunately, nothing that you do goes right. Shocks come despairingly and you have to accept them.

Sometimes it may also happen that your day starts well but someone or something spoils your mood. Everything that was right till now overturns. The change of situation is sudden and you don’t even realise it when it happens. Till the time you get to your senses, it’s too late and the day has already been spoiled. You have already offended a few people and your blood pressure is high. Too late to amend?

How can we expect that everything will go as per our wishes daily? True. It is not possible that things will go as per our desire always. Therefore, we have to be ready to have some days as awful days. But how you live those day is a trick that needs to be learnt. If you can hold on to a stone, the storm would pass. Being inactive is more helpful at such a time than being active. Try to keep calm, and watch the situation as it unfolds. Delay your reaction. Don’t act in the temper, especially on such days which are turning to be regretful. No day is longer than twenty-four hours. Let the earth complete its spin and the next sunrise would certainly be better. So, if you ever feel the day is not starting well, be cautious. Slow down. Wait and watch. Don’t react instantaneously.

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