On the death of close relative or respectable person, feeling sad is natural. Sense of loss is inevitable. Sometimes we feel the world is useless and destiny is cruel. Everything ends with death.

Life of a person, his presence in the society and his capability to influence positively dies with him. Mind questions: what is the real motive of working hard if finally one is going away only with a piece of two metres of cloth wrapped around the body?

But existence is not permanent. Permanence is the reality – end – death. Its very sad and disappointing. But the heart is not ready to accept this visible truth.

Yet, deeper in the heart, we feel that vacuum cannot be the only remainder of a person’s life. We need to realise what can motivate us even when we know that the death is certain? It is sure that no one stops living inspite of unavoidable destiny – death. Even during difficult times, our inner soul encourages us to live, not to die.

Then comes to mind what George Eliot once wrote, “Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” How true. We never forget anyone just because one is no more between us. Through their deeds and acts we keep them alive. Albert Pike said, “What we have done for ourselves dies with us. What we have done for the world and others remains and is immortal.”

No reason to believe that death is the end. The deceased lives among us in body-less form, through memories and long influencing social actions. May his soul rest in peace

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2 thoughts on “Death is not THE END….

  1. It’s the spirit of the person, with which he lived and made a difference to the people around him, that continues to live after his death. The journey of the soul continues in the next world. Death is only the physical termination of his prince. Legends continue to live.

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