Mr X has a company dealing in real estate. The company owns a number of residential and commercial properties across the country. These properties are rented to individuals and corporates. During the Covid-19, some of the tenants wrote to Mr X seeking relaxation in rent, expressing their inability to pay on time. Mr X had to relax the rent payment as per Government directives. However, he calculated the loss of interest on the income if he would have received the rent on time. Aware of legal complications, he didn’t object to the tenants. Rather he consulted a lawyer if he could charge interest on delayed rental payment or increase the rent after the situation normalises. Right or Wrong?

The same Mr X has ten employees in his office to manage the properties of his company. When the Government announced support of 80% payment for the furloughed employees, Mr X applied to furlough six of his employees. The government paid money in company’s account but Mr X did not actually furlough any of his staff members. He just availed 80% salary for his six employees from Government, declaring they are furloughed while taking full work from all of them. Effectively, he paid only 20% of the salary for the six employees. Right or Wrong?

This is one example of a fictional character Mr X who intends to take advantage of the situation. In his mind, making money and availing benefits from the government, without passing on to actual beneficiary is acceptable. For him, business means making more profit. Even in the Covid-19 situation, when we all are concerned about the lives of thousands of people dying daily, Mr X is least bothered about it.

There are many such Mr Xs who are not moved by the current situation. Millions of people suffering from virus and thousands of people losing their jobs is of no relevance to them. They are concerned with own benefits, profit and growth. Hardly they have realised life is so uncertain and money is not everything. Their race in money-making continues.

These people and companies have ripped the system and humanity in all possible ways. Without having any remorse, they take advantage of wherever the situation comes in front of them. Even sometimes in the name of charity, some Mr Xs are collecting money, without using them appropriately. Some people are doing their own publicity and making a position in society, business and politics.

So sad and disappointing to even know of and read about such incidents and people around us. I wish more and more people realise their duty and do not fall into such greed. Therefore, it is also time to express our heartfelt gratitude to those selfless souls who are doing true service to the humanity by providing food, clothes, money, accommodation, medical service or any other type of assistance to the needy people.

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