Don’t pretend to be someone else. Everyone has a role model to follow. But it has to be for inspiration, not imitation. A colleague in the office getting fast promotion due to superb selling skills should not lead you to believe that you will be successful by changing your department from finance to sales. Don’t follow anyone blindly. Sometimes as an easy formula for quick success, we are misguided to follow or imitate someone. Everyone has his/her own inherent personality and character.

If you try to change it and emulate someone else, it is an assured shortcut toward disaster. Don’t ever try to do that, even for the sake of the biggest bonanza on the prize. Someone wearing a slim fit suit, and looking handsome, should not lead you to believe that the same style will fit you well too. Anyone speaking in a particular manner and accent should not steer you to presume it would be best for you to use the same. Even if advised or asked, think twice before initiating such imitation.

It is of utmost importance that you remain what you are. Never try to pretend to be someone else. Even in the situation when you are impressed with someone by his/her skill or personality, never copy. The rule of ‘fake it till you make it’, is absolutely misleading, and it actually misleads you, not others. Trying to imbibe someone else’s fashion and persona is not advisable. Because you would lose originality. Plus, whatever you pretend to be has no solid substance behind it. The whole exercise turns out to be a hollow act that no one likes. Having said that, learning a new skill like someone else is not at all a problem. Rather one should be always open to accepting knowledge from others, whatever good they can impart. But it should be developed into a rock sound base, not just a thin surface. Otherwise, it becomes like applying a layer of make-up, which we know will come off by the end of the day. So, whatever is not permanent, is only an accessory and can serve a limited purpose. Remember, the substance is different and difficult to achieve. It’s not an easy formula to have a quick fix to repair shortcomings. To build permanent mastery, one has to be oneself. Whatever best you want to achieve in life can come only through determination, hard work and patience, not by imbibing others. So, never try to be someone else, just be yourself.

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