I received my education in the Gujarati medium, where English was rarely spoken in the villages of Gujarat. However, my fascination with the language began during my school days. Any student from a vernacular background knows that learning English requires a significant effort, especially when there is little exposure to English movies, books, or television programs.

My journey into writing in English commenced during my high school years when I penned my first poem. My English teacher played a pivotal role in encouraging me to explore beyond textbooks. During that time, I delved into Lord Tennyson’s ‘Enoch Arden,’ albeit with lots of assistance of a dictionary. This experience ignited a profound interest in pursuing English literature.

As I prepared for the UPSC exams, I extensively wrote in English, primarily in the educational category. In 2006, I authored my first English book, ‘UPSC Main Solved Papers,’ which I updated annually until 2017 or so. Some of its content is now available on this blog. I have also published several other books for UPSC, although some were focused on current affairs and are no longer in print.

Presently, my English writing takes the form of articles. A regular Sunday column, either ‘Living Bridge’ or ‘Introspection,’ is featured in Asian Voice, UK. These columns highlight positive stories about the Indian economy, culture, community, or cultural issues. Most of these articles can be found in relevant categories on this blog.

Additionally, I have authored some short stories, and I currently have two novels in the editing process.

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