Religions and mythologies are the ocean of wisdom. They have guided our lives for hundreds of years. The legendary story of Eve and Adam is an example of how there is an attempt by the human being to deal with the situation in our own way. It began with Eve eating the heavenly apple. The irresistible desire to know ‘What happens if I do this’ is the cause of fall from heaven. It was an irreversible action taken by Eve. Since then, we are living here, on the earth. Dealing with whatever challenge life throws at us, in our own humble capacity.

But there is always a chance to introspect. To take stock of our deeds and needs. The Ramadan, a holy month in Islam, offers us that opportunity. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Followers do not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. It’s a practice where we are to purge our body and mind of any toxins. Repent for sins and wrongdoings is the main purpose. It requires a vow to adhere to what is right and discarding what is wrong.

Did Eve do the right thing? Was it inevitable for us to learn to take care of ourselves? Just like a child trying to walk on its own. Should we have taken our lives in our own hands, at some point in time? Well, opinions may differ. But Ramadan offers a chance to surrender to the wishes of Almighty. Let him decide on the course of our lives. It is absolute trust in the god.

Whatever religion we might be following, the practice of absolute surrender can be adopted. We may be facing a number of issues, emotional and social. But is there anything that we can control surely? If no, why not allow ourselves to be guided by the Almighty, emotionally and socially? Have faith. This is the month. Whatever inspiration will come to us, will be HIS wishes. Let the Almighty give us the strength to overcome Eve’s tempting craving of eating an apple, and be guided by the Holy command that we may receive.

This is not blind faith. It is not a ritual. It is introspection, for our own benefit, to resolve the issues with the help of supreme intervention. To be guided by intuition rather than intellect. Intellect is akin to Eve’s desire. Intuition is akin to what Adam might have felt. Society has been playing the role of snake, guiding us to walk on a certain path. How do we know what is the divine command? Let’s ask HIM, through a practice of purge, by removing all our prejudices. Keep a clean heart for new inspiration and guidance to be given by the Almighty.

Let’s have another chance to follow the right path in our lives. Let’s do this introspection. 

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One thought on “Eve’s Apple and Ramadan: Another chance to follow the right path.

  1. Dear Rohit,
    Thank you for writing a thought provoking article. I sometimes wonder why our religious scriptures mention Almighty as a male. In the Hindu scriptures it is ‘ Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh’. In the holy Bible it says ‘ Our father in heaven’ and in the holy Quran, Almighty is Him. However in Hindu scriptures we also the concept of Shiv-Shakti which is the supreme energy, creation.
    I would love to know your thoughts and further insights in this subject.
    Best regards,

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