We expect from life. Our expectations are limitless. Only a few of them are necessities. We expect more than what we need. 

It is said that expectations bring us anxiety and sorrow while accepting what we get brings us happiness.
But is it true? 
If we start accepting whatever we come through, can we ever achieve excellence? Can we ever hope for the best? Of course no. 
Therefore, to desire for a greater goal, to expect better result is a sine qua none for us. Expecting more lead us to striving more for its achievement. Hard work is result of expectation of a success in endeavor. Vasco de Gama would have never started if he had no expectation of reaching to India. Never would have I started my preparation for civil service with a sorrowful expectation of failure at the end. But it was a dream of success in  me which kept me striving through the lands of difficult mountains and dark deep valleys towards my aim.
I do believe in Bhagwat Geeta preaching of “KARMANYE VADHIKA RASTE MA FALESHU KADACHANA” that means “Only Karma is our right, not the result.” And therefore work harder and harder. I believe this is same for anyone. 
No management school or motivational leader would say anything else then to work hard for success, as it is the only way to achieve it. There are no short cuts and if there is any, there are found with even more exemplary efforts !
Yet, all efforts do not result into desired success. There is one explanation to it. The law of universe says “No effort goes waste” which I believe and have experienced. Only thing is that we may not be able to visualize the effect of our effort. 
Let’s believe in our aspirations, our efforts, our destiny and the Almighty, and do work with all our passion and patience, all our energy streaming in one direction.

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