As we close the diary of 2023, and open a new one for 2024, many wonder whether they should make new year resolutions or not. They have may go back to the front pages of 2023 diary and read what they had planned for the year, and analyse what they could achieve. Most of the resolutions end up as failure for one reason or another. Fear of failing again may prevent one from making new plans for next year, or hope to be more determined may encourage you to make even stronger resolutions. Whatever you decide, but one this has become clearer to me over the period of time, that the less number of resolutions you make, the more attention they get. Also more achievable resolutions have better chance of being pursued than ambitious ones.

If you would like to, try making only 4 resolutions for the next year. Yes, only 4. One for your health, another for your career, third for family and fourth for spirituality/self-discovery. These are the four pillars to live a complete life. Just one big, clear resolution in each of these areas would make your life much better than making 50 small resolutions which you can’t even remember by the end of January. So have only four areas of focus for twenty four. And the result will be fantastic.

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