Unless it is a recent history, it would be difficult to believe that anyone like Gandhi walked in blood and flesh on this planet. Full of human spirit, full of humanitarian values and just like any other human being- with faults and follies. But always moving towards excellence. Ready to come over those shortcomings what others would not even notice in own personalities. 

Bapu never accepted anything that went beyond his set guidelines. Fixed criteria became parameters which he followed religiously. Neither he deviated himself not he accepted anyone violating them. Whatever political debates may be, his contribution to this nation and the world is unparalleled. 

As a diplomat, whichever country I have visited, Gandhi is still remembered fondly. In fact, they equal India with Gandhi. Great for us. When they know me as Indian, “Oh, Gandhi!” Would be their first reaction. Gandhi has been the biggest brand ambassador of India, in my perception. The glory he has bought to India and Indians is not comparable with any other leader. 

Having a huge following all over the globe, certainly makes him one of the dearest human being in the history of mankind. 

For any individual aspiring to set guidelines of personal life, life of Gandhi can be a guiding lamp. Living through all comforts of life and achieving high education, he went on to sacrifice all personal comforts for the sake of nation. His philosophy touched all, downtrodden to affluent, Indians to Britishers. 

Perhaps only leader of the world who was loved by rulers also. His strict following of discipline and non violence made him great. We may or may not agree with all his ideas, but certainly respect him. Revered as the father of nation by India, Gandhi also inspired many freedom movements all over the world. 

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2 thoughts on “Gandhi, the great Indian

  1. Very truly said.
    Gandhi has given freedom to India, identity to India.
    And that’s why he is father of nation.

  2. Gandhiji indeed was a remarkable man!!!
    Follies or not,he is one of the leading torchbearers of Humanity!!!

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