Green world is laid around;
It seems that :
The Earth has no bound.

     On the green fields of village
     I listen to music of lapwings’ sound;
     And these romantic songs
     Do not allow me to lounge.

To and fro :
In the sky and on the ground;
Breeze blowing with sense,
Brings a message to propound.

It says :
“Trees wait for you and,
waits the green mound,
Listen, Listen, ‘O dear,
what I announce !”

The message of breeze has attraction profound,
And the songs of Lapwings always hound;
Then in the prison of love myself I found.
Why not, when the atmosphere is zeal abound ?

I’ll surely wonder around,
No matter, if the earth has no bound.

– Rohit Vadhwana (20/8/1998)

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