Shyam was attending a new year party hosted by one of his friends. The place was full of people, over a hundred may be. He knew some of them and interacted with them, wishing happy new year. He saw a man of his age, nicely dressed in a blue suit. Shyam felt he has seen the person somewhere or has some past connection with him. He thought for a moment whether to approach him.

While he was in a dilemma, a colleague interrupted his thoughts. Shyam got busy in interacting with colleague and other friends and lost the man in the crowd. But later, the host happen to introduce him to that stranger in blue suit. It turned out that they were classmates in their early years of schooling in India, and then both families had moved to different places and countries. They had never got in touch for over thirty years. Shyam found a wonderful friend in him for the rest of his life. If by chance the host had not introduced them and Shyam had not approached the man on his intuition, he would have never found a good friend back. 

Have you ever come across a situation in a gathering where you feel some connection with an unknown person? It happens many times we attend a party or meeting and see someone first time, but immediately deep in our heart we know there is some connection. Extrovert people take action immediately and approach that stranger, but introvert people miss such a chance. It is not about being extrovert or introvert, but the question is about hearing the bell. When a bell rings on seeing someone in a crowd. 
The person may be a childhood friend, whom you had seen two decades ago. Or maybe old neighbour whose face features have changed over the period of time. Such connections are to be valued and treasured for life, especially if people re-surface in your life by chance. But it can happen only if we take the call when it rings. 

Another possibility is that the connection has no past relation but is potentially strong relationship for future. Many best friends and partnerships have emerged out of such occasional conversations. Not necessarily it is love at first sight, but it may be friendship, business relationship or creative partnership which can turn out to be a very successful venture.

Therefore, it is important that we listen to the call, bang coming from heart when we see a stranger. Sometimes it is past connection or a call for making a relation in the future. Have you ever missed such a call?

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