Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous objects in the British Museum. Found in July 1799 in the port city of Alexandria, it is an incomplete part of a larger stone with inscriptions in three languages.
The importance of the stone is that it helped the experts to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs, a pictographic language. The stone, on its own, did not have much importance in the history of Egypt but it became the golden key to open treasure of Egyptian inscriptions and literature. Installed in all temples of Egypt by King Ptolemy V, the stone has proven to be the most invaluable asset for researchers. It threw light on the knowledge treasure which was still not discovered. The stone which has been ordinary and non-unique in its own right became the most valuable asset to unlock the potential of studying vast ancient Egyptian scripts.

Just like the Egyptian scripts remained an enigma till the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, there might be some areas in your life which cannot be deciphered without such a catalyst. Do you know which aspects of your life still remain undiscovered where you are hitting a dead end again and again even after dedicated efforts? Or have you ever been in a situation where it is only the starting point which is a challenge? You are confident that once started, the project can be completed efficiently, but the beginning. Is that small initiation of the huge task awaited because of the lack of such a Rosetta Stone? Maybe a Rosetta Stone can open up a fortune in that area of life.

Do you have any Rosetta stone which has helped you discover valuable information and led you to a new success? Any incident or information that has played a vital role in your success could be termed as a Rosetta stone in your life. Unknown aspects of life could be brought to light with such a catalyst. Otherwise, unavailable information becomes handy as soon as we get the key to decipher them. Imagine the importance of a spark plug in a car. It doesn’t run the car but it provides the vital spark to start the engine. Similarly, Rosetta Stone provides only the initial spark to initiate the process. Then regular fuel can do the job. But without that spark, without starting the engine, without that Rosetta Stone, it is impossible.

Find your Rosetta Stone and the remaining task will take place in a relatively easier manner.

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