Sometimes we wonder how someone gets an innovative idea that revolutionises the world? Take an example of the discovery of a printing press or sewing machine. Or in the modern time, the invention of the computer or the World Wide Web. People need to be simply extraordinarily brilliant to have such ideas – isn’t it? True, these inventors are geniuses in a true sense. But are these ideas actually an outcome of a gifted mind or some systematic method that anyone can learn from and follow?

Do you ever get any idea that you consider has the potential to change the world? Well, then the best way is to follow it to its logical conclusion. Because a close study of the evolution of ideas suggests that most of them are the outcome of a combination of thoughts, combined and pursued with other existing ideas. Sometimes it is just an accident but that has to be founded on a strong footing to become an innovation. Take an example of the German scientist August Kekule who dreamed of a snake eating its own tail, resulting in the discovery of the shape of benzene which opened up a new field of organic chemistry. It was not just a dream, but a consistent work on that particular subject that was connected with the dream.

In a book titled ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’ by Steven Johnson, the subject is interestingly analysed. The ideas are a collaboration with adjusting and existing mechanisms that finally becomes a game-changing discovery. People use the existing systems, modify them with their innovative thoughts and bring an excellent new world into play. Sometimes it is the work of others that is borrowed as a platform to place a new idea. In other cases, the new idea just improvises what is already in practice. It also happens that some of the most brilliant ideas and inventions, which have real potential to change the world, do not materialise because there is no support system available. Let’s say an electric car made fifty years ago would not have been popular because of a lack of infrastructure. So, it is not only an idea and invention that changed the world but the supporting infrastructure and adjusting innovations help it to succeed.

In case you ever get such an innovative idea, look for support from the surrounding situation, add your innovation to the relevant ones and create a new world. Because this is the way your innovative and genius idea will get to see the real result.

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