How do we learn things in life? What are the best ways to acquire knowledge? What kind of learner are you? Do you like studying with the help of a teacher or through books or only with experience?
There is a saying in our ancient scriptures that knowledge comes from three sources: Teachers, Books, and Experience. It may or may not be sequential in this order. But initially all of us gain knowledge with the help of teachers. Then, once at a certain level, we get to reach a stage where it is possible to ascertain things through books. We can self-taught ourselves. Experience and investigation are not very common in everyone’s life. But if resorted to successfully, it can prove an exceptionally high level of wisdom.

Let’s not forget that in the modern age, there is also technological aid for learning. But here also we can divide the method of learning in three ways. Using YouTube video coaching or reading through some blogs is akin to getting the help of a teacher or textbook respectively. Sometimes we also apply trial and error methods to gain certain knowledge.

We cannot deny the significance of our educators who have imparted the much valuable essential education to us in childhood. That tradition continues till we finish our formal education. At higher grades learning through books is also common. Many scholars rely more on self-learning than on coaching or college. In fact, many education systems, especially in western society, focus more on bringing out the best in the students through assignments. The role of a teacher remains exclusively to supervise them.

It is understandable that learning through experience is not only rare but also occasionally very expensive and bitter way. The analysis is rather much easier and more useful but it certainly requires a very sharp and receptive mindset. The absence of curiosity and readiness to discover from incidents and anecdotes may result in a massive loss. Therefore, if one gets into trouble, it is imperative to analyse it and implement the lessons quickly before they cause damage.

Normally people are receptive to all three methods but still, there is a preference between the first and the second. Some of us need the help of instructors who can take us through lessons. Others like to cruise through the texts in their own time and in their own style to achieve the desired result. A few people also experiment to find out the truth. While every time you cannot experience what you strive for, if it happens, it might be an eye-opener and a long-lasting lesson.

We have seen friends who can read books for hours and hours while others fall asleep if they read even two pages! Also, there are people who lose interest when someone is lecturing them on some topic. It is because everyone has a typical way of grabbing knowledge. Discover the best way for your learning style and use it for a quick and effective way to accomplish more wisdom in life.

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