Do you take one step forward and two steps back? Is it your way of decision-making? Many people plan for something and prepare for it in a vigorous way, but when the time comes for implementation, they re-think and decide against it. In a way, they walk a step forward but then because of self-doubt or any other reason, take two steps back.

It may happen either due to a person’s inherent hesitant nature or because of any new situation created during the intervening period. But after assessment, if one is every time going backward, then it is about the nature of the person. Procrastination and hesitancy are two major limitations of human nature. It may also be due to the inertia that one feels in going out of their comfort zone.

Why does it happen is an individual perspective. One may be risk-averse and it may have become an ingrained feature of one’s personality, without realization. It also happens that after such retracting, the person is happy that he didn’t move ahead. It may be part of his justification for failure to work on the decision, or it may be a correct analysis. But in a way, it re-affirms the person’s habit of walking back.

In a way, no decision is easy to make and no plan is easy to implement. Therefore, there is always some fear in mind, some hesitation at heart, but only if we be bold to stick to it, we see some new result, some new success. Unless we take that risk of change, how do we change anything in life? A Comfort zone is not easy to leave, and not many people can do it. Taking steps back is very common but it has to be intentionally and forcefully prevented.

So, if you are going to take steps back in the next instance, be careful it is an unknown trait of human nature that is prompting you to do so. Save yourself from being a victim of that characteristic and move ahead.

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