How do you respond to someone who gets in touch with you in a time of need but otherwise ignores you for a prolonged period of time? There are people who would disregard you, not respond to your message or won’t even wish on your birthday. But at the time of their need, they would rush to you, seeking your assistance. You might have come across such people who won’t shy away exhibiting overwhelming warmth and friendship when your help is needed but all other times no communication at all. How do you react to such people?

In a general sense, it depends on the person who is approaching you. If the person who is approaching is someone who you know to be a genuine friend, perhaps you won’t mind considering the request and helping out positively. It might also be from an acquaintance whom you know is extremely busy in life and therefore it is evident that s/he might not be in regular touch, again you would consider taking the request positively. However, if the person is neither a friend nor busy, there will be a completely different approach towards the request. It is possible that you would not at all think of helping her/him because such behaviour is not acceptable. Or you might think of being nice and ignoring the behaviour completely to help the person.

However, there is also an objective approach to the situation which can be contemplated. If the person is inexcusable at the mistake of snubbing you, the merit of the request may be assessed without being biased. If the help requested is something that you feel is very important in someone’s life, perhaps it is your moral duty to take it affirmatively. But if the work that is being requested is also selfish and something that you would not want to do for yourself as well, no harm in outrightly rejecting it. After all, some requests are so in-genuine that you won’t like to involve yourself in them.

It is helpful to at least give it a thought before rejecting the request only for the reason of it is a selfish approach from the side of the person who has made it. Sometimes even if it is selfish, the cause is genuine, and therefore, it is your moral duty to do whatever you can. If the person is a friend or a busy person, it is not appropriate to hold them accountable for being incommunicado when they genuinely need you. Perhaps they would respond to you in the same way in times of your need. Therefore, being objective in the evaluation of the request is a beneficial approach.

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