Are you having a difficult time in your life? Feeling anxious or challenging? It might happen for whatever reason, but certainly, it causes a lot of anxiety and stress in mind. In such circumstances, it is not easy to cope with the challenge which becomes even more stressful to the already stretched muscles of the mind.

Difficult time might be because of many factors sounding us – family, friends, enemies, business, job or illness. Sometimes the end to such difficulty is visible and we have to wait till it is over. But mostly, in adversities, no solution appears on the horizon. There is always light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel has a turn and the visibility of light is blocked, making everything dark in difficulty.

How to deal with this time? Easier said than done, of course, I know. But still, there are ways to deal with it. Some might be applicable to our situation, some completely irrelevant. But no harm in trying some of the effective ways that have worked for other people.

1. Keep a low profile: Whenever difficulty arises due to people surrounding us, who turn into adversaries, it is better to keep a low profile especially when we know our time is not good. Hold on to your response and wait for a better opportunity. Just take the situation as of now and bear with it.

2. Change your attitude: Mental pressure can be reduced by changing our attitude towards a difficult situation that becomes unbearable. A slightly positive outlook can help in seeing something good in the darkness. Even though the light is not visible at the end of the tunnel, thank your circumstances that the tunnel is not blocked. In this way, you can at least hope to walk till the end of the tunnel.

3. Avoid confrontation: To reduce tension in the situation, better to avoid any further confrontation. Having already landed in a soup, why add to difficulties? Therefore, keeping simple, not falling into any altercation, is important for peace of mind in such circumstances.

4. Have faith: Pray to whoever you believe in. If you are an atheist, meditate and practice relaxation. Affirmation and seeking support from your revered God can give you the courage to fight against the situation. If you are a strong believer, be sure that nothing happens without almighty’s desire and whatever will happen, will be for the good.

5. Don’t run away: Try all the methods to avoid adding to your worries, but don’t give up. Hold on to your ground if you believe you are right. Do not run away from the situation because it will not resolve the problem, but just keep it away from your sight. Better to resolve it to final conclusion and bury it forever.

Based on your particular situation, there might be other solutions as well. If you keep an open mind and look for them positively, maybe some will appear in front of you miraculously.

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