As we begin the New Year, the desire and struggle to make and maintain an effective resolution looms large on our minds. It is not only psychological but has also become a social need. Gone are the days when it used to be a choice. Today there is so much peer pressure attached to it, that everyone feels the need to make an impressive resolution for the new year. If you have also made one, and have a doubt as to how to implement it, you are not alone. Here are a few suggestions on how to stick to making your resolution implementable and get the best result out of it.

1. Mention clear goals: A goal is different from the purpose of life. If you want to become a good person, it is a purpose, but if you want to help three people during the year, it is a goal. So whatever you would like to do during the year should be clearly countable. Remember these goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

2. Limit the number of goals in your resolution: Do not make a long list of all the ideal things you want to do in life. This is only an annual resolution, not a manifesto of life. Keep this resolution limited to 5-7 main things that you want to focus on. Select these goals based on priority. What is absolutely essential during the year 2022 that you must not delay – should find a place in this list. Something that you want to do sometime in life should not take your attention as a resolution for this year.

3. Take action on them daily: Do not delay your actions on the decided goals. If you want to lose weight, start working on it from the first day. If you want to read a book a month, read every day. If you decide to read a dozen books in a year, but do not read any in the first three months, the chances are higher that you are going to miss the target. Whatever goals you have decided, must be acted upon on a daily basis – in small quantities, so as to accumulate the result.

4. Apply 80-20 principle: Even in personal life, this principle of getting 80% results by putting 20% effort is useful. If you can achieve better results in the earlier part of the year, it will encourage you to continue with your efforts. Who knows, you may over achieve your targets. We can also understand it differently to say that start with an easy 80% part, then follow thoroughly to attain the remaining 20%.

5. Your race is with yourself: Do not compete with others. Remember, these are your resolutions and therefore, your race is with yourself only. You don’t need to feel embarrassed if your goals are simple or small. But you cannot cheat yourself. Therefore, once decided, be committed to your own growth and progress. Be honest with yourself.

Now that you know how to make your resolution result-oriented, it is also important to identify the goals which are most suitable to your purpose in life. If you want to prioritise wealth, make sure you add some goals in that direction. If your purpose is skill-building, there should be a clear mention of it and you should spend time towards achieving those goals. Remember, a successful life is built on four pillars: Health, Family-Society, Career-Finance, Spirituality-Entertainment. If you can strengthen all these four pillars equally and simultaneously, a satisfactory life is guaranteed.

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