In social and professional situations, we get introduced to a variety of people by someone. It’s networking. If your contact introduces you to someone, it may be for the benefit of you and the person introduced. This new contact may be helpful and beneficial in your personal life or professionally. You both are free to avail that advantage through the newly formed relationship. 

However, in certain contexts, the person making the introduction has the intention of being involved in all the interactions or transactions you conduct with the new contact. Especially in the business field, people might want to get a share of the profit or at least recognition for their service. In personal life, the person might not want you to be closer to the new contact. The expectation might be that old and original contact will always remain the first priority in your life. 

What if the situation changes? What if you get more intimate with the newfound person than the earlier one? Doesn’t it create a sense of jealousy for the one who had taken trouble and risk to introduce you to the new face? And if the other person also gets tight with you, it might create a disaster. The two new contacts becoming more friendly while the one bridging them kept at a distance is not really a welcome situation most of the time. 

However, in business situations, it is obvious that if the new business contact can offer you better deals, you will certainly take them. Similarly, in personal relationships, if the cord is struck, hearts will meet. No one can come in between, and no reason can hold you back from going ahead with that. But it should not be handled in a way that looks like cheating on the person who made the introduction. Let’s say there was the expectation of sharing the profit in a business network, it should be done. In personal relations, the one making your contact might have an expectation of being kept informed. You should do so. Rest is the turn of events that may take place on its own. 

Although we cannot make an accurate prediction as to how will the situation unfold, there are certain etiquettes that one needs to follow in such a situation. Transparency and clear communication are at the core of handling such situations. Keeping the connecting person always informed, to the extent possible, is beneficial for you in the long term. For the benefit of one time, if you fail to follow this etiquette, in the future no one will help you in any business or social situation. No one will involve you in their network. Therefore, if you were introduced by someone, give all the credit to that person for anything that comes out as a result of that introduction. 

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