The month of February has started. It is called the month of Love. It gives us many occasions to express our feelings towards someone or something. Youngsters celebrate Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and many more. But the most known among them all is Valentine’s Day, celebrated in honour of the martyred Saint Valentine of Rome. But this month can be celebrated for more than just romantic love in the traditional sense. This month can be used as an important time to develop self-love.

In our endeavour to be good, to be considered good, we often forget to love ourselves. While we keep committed to others, it is quite possible to leave behind our own self. The month of December goes into celebrations and parties of the festivities. It remains busy under social pressure to meet friends, attend dinners and receptions or simply to raise toasts. Then comes January which gives psychological pressure to make an annual resolution. We burden ourselves with a number of goals, many of them unrealistic desires. For some time, we try to follow the strict routine penned down in a new diary, just to meet failures day by day. This takes a toll mentally and physically.

So, the next month, February, should be better used for self-love, self-care. Here we need to ask ourselves what is really important for ourselves. What do we care for? Let’s keep aside, for the time being, all those pressure points which are created to meet others’ expectations, to prove our ability in the eyes of others. Let this be time to focus on our own happiness and well-being. This may include giving ourselves some ME-time, giving some rest from routines, accepting ourselves as we have been and most importantly, not throwing ourselves to the judgement of others. Because when we are assessing our achievements and standing through the eyes of others, we are bound to fail. A fish can never run like a rabbit, and a leopard cannot fly like an eagle. So why kill our self-esteem with criticism?

One needs a certain amount of physical, emotional and spiritual comfort. This month may be the best to anchor our needs in these directions. Let there be an empty corner in the house where we can relax, let there be a time slot when no one disturbs us, let there be a day in the week when we pamper ourselves. Let us develop emotional strength to protect ourselves from any adversities and deal with challenges. Creating a protective layer around our emotional self is very important to live a happy life. Let’s not get disturbed by insignificant events that may cause trembles in our lives. Let us find our spiritual being, let that journey begin now for peace of mind.

Let’s love ourselves this February, let it turn out to be the best month of love in our lives to date.

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