Many times we try to analyse our strength and weaknesses in very systematic and objective manner. Because it is a self-analysis, we tend to rate ourselves in the way we have always perceived. We put more emphasis on the aspects which we like and happened to neglect those we dispise. It’s natural human tendency.

Rather than finding out our strength and weaknesses, it is better to understand our inclination, which plays a bigger role in making us what we are. Inclination also helps in building strength and addressing weaknesses. It is the basis of our interest and activities. Our attitude is developed based on our inclination. Not only in personal life but in social, political and all other spheres, our inclination plays a bigger role than we estimate. Our behaviour towards a certain situation is based on our mental inclination, be it positive or negative.

Inclination denotes our natural tendency to think and feel in a particular way. It guides our thought process and likings as well as dislikings. We chose to meet those people who are fitting well in our leaning, and ignore those who are opposite. It’s a kind of impulse that directs us to take such decisions. If we are not aware of personal disposition, inclination, there are chances that we may create socially awkward situation. It is possible that a person might behave in a bit unreasonable way if something happens that doesn’t go well with his own belief system.

In a debate, or a conversation, one individual taking an extreme stand is result of strong inclination. Till the time one is aware about personal preference and inclination, s/he cannot understand that others might have their own as well. Therefore it is important that we identify our inclination, and understand how important role it is playing in our behaviour. Only when we are aware of this fact, we can moderate our eccentricity and also appreciate other people’s inclination. It gives us a bandwidth to accept others’ opinions and biases.

By knowing own strength and weaknesses, we can make a better judgement of our capability, but by understanding own inclination we can create more strength and reduce weakness. We can take a completely new approach not only towards society, career and family but towards the life as a whole. Therefore, it’s most important to know your inclination.

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