Six qualities of a modern woman


She is technologically empowered and uses that knowledge in day to day life for everyone’s benefit. For own career, for family and for society, she uses technology.


She manages time to balance her career and family. Its not either career or family for her. From household chores to office/business tasks, she manages well.


She does everything efficiently. Lethargic approach is not acceptable to her. Therefore, she achieves success in every field.

Family Oriented

She cares for her family and gives unconditional love to all members. Her goal is not unidirectional, but she has a well balanced approach in which family is at very important place.


She keeps herself well organised to fulfil all responsibilities of life and doesn’t give any chance to complain. She has enough time for everything and everyone in her life.


She has acquired global attitude and orientation. She learns about new things happening in the world and keeps herself updated.

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One thought on “Life of a Modern Woman

  1. Right.. World without woman are..not possible… Modern woman change there attitude… For new social life

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