We all have only 24 hours a day. It depends on us how we spend it. How we make the best out of it. Whether we waste the whole day doing nothing or we make use of every second makes a lots of difference.
Everyone has own priority and preference. Where to spend time and energy during the day and for what result is your own prerogative. For some people working in office is important while for others spending a quality time is more enjoyable. People allocate time towards the goals of making their career, or maintaining good health by doing exercise or Yoga. We also try to achieve the much talked of work-life balance, a new buzz word in crazily busy world.

Depending on the stage of life, your priorities would change. If you are a student, spending 8 hours in school or library is common but if you are a sports person, naturally your time would be spent sweating on the ground. Let’s say it’s your call of duty If you fail to give enough time to it, certainly you are not doing justice to your own craft. A professional working in a corporate office would dedicatedly be devoted to official work for most part of the day. Any deviation from it would be detrimental to his progress in short or long term. Let’s call this demand on your time as ‘call of duty’ which is essential for anyone to attend to.

If one can do the right balance between the call of duty and other activities of own choice or requirements, perhaps the day is productive. If there is skewed allocation of your limited time between various aspects of your life, it would create an imbalance sooner or later. Every aspect of life has to be attended to in appropriate way, every day. Nothing can be postponed indefinitly.

Having only limited time in our kitty, we all stive to achieve the maximum out of it every day. Have you ever wondered how is your day spent? Where do you give maximum of your time and energy? Is it for your call of duty, or any other activity of your choice or distress? Counting on your time is the best way to creating your own time. If you can watch the watch, your watch will never go out of your control. Yes, being mindful and judicious in allocating your time towards different demanding activities is the best way to monitor and control your day. This is the first requirement to make the best out of your day, any day.

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