While shuffling through LinkedIn, saw a picture quote ascribed to Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos Founder & CEO. It read: “The moment you have a back-up plan, you have admitted you are not going to succeed.” Great emphasis on single minded commitment to a goal. Reminded me of the story where Arjun, the best archer in epic Mahabharata could successfully hit the bird’s eye because he could see nothing else but the eye. 

How frequently we agree to the easier available options, instead of pursuing the desired goal, and end up complaining, “If I had…”, or “If I hadn’t….”. It changes the life forever, sometimes without option to revert, towards feeling of non-accomplishment. Doing what we like, or trying to do what we would love, is real fun in life, everyone knows. But situation makes it difficult to stick to the choicest track. 

Great courage is required to walk ahead on the chosen path failure after failure, without turning to the easier one. And those who continue to walk, alone, for longer distance, accepting difficulties and hardships coming on the way, reaches to the destination. That is success. 

Where we start and where do we end, measures achievement. Sometimes, rather most of the times, better choice is not to have alternatives and have courage to accept end result of the chosen direction rather than having another option in mind. Single goal and committed efforts yield best result.  

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