Our existence has a meaning and purpose which must be fulfilled. Every individual is duty bound to find out object of own life and pursue it as a goal. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote: “A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve.”

A person should not relish in easy tasks but should choose difficult challenges to explore new avenues and achieve greater accomplishments. Every time we stretch further, our capabilities increase. One more step, a little bit of more effort, provides us with new zeal and energy for relentless journey towards success. 

Had Columbus been happy with fishing at the shallow sea, we might have known less of the world. Had Admund Hillary not achieved feat of climbing the Mt Averest, others might have considered it as an impossible task till now.

Something beyond might of muscles and area of imagination has to happen. This is the object of our life to spread a bit of more light over the darkness that exists. We have to open up one more door by our efforts. Leaving the world as we found it means not contributing anything. In that case we are just living life in comforts that is created by others, as a parasite.

Task may seem impossible, question may seem unanswerable, but there lies bravery in attempting it. We may or may not finish it, but starting for others and giving them a path to walk upon and a goal to work for is also a big contribution. Be confiedent that once started, it will be successfully taken to its desired end, if not by you, by someone else. 

Deliberate and decide where can we put more than usual efforts? Where can we enlighten and illuminate the new path for the contemporaries and generations to come? 

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