One night I might have a beautiful dream of creating a master piece of painting. The next day I may buy brush, colours, canvas and easel. Having abundance of motivation in my inflamed heart, I may rub a few strokes of brush, with difference colors, covering the vast space of canvas. But if I have no accomplishment of painting, the imagination of dream cannot be poured into a real piece of art. 

It is not those who imagine or dream do create masterpieces of paintings, but those who have struggled with thousands of strokes of brush in developing their art, deliver eye catching scenes on canvas.

A great painter Vincent Van Gogh wrote, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

No one becomes master in a flash of lightening but continuous efforts and struggle bring out the talent over time. Failure after failure opens up doors of success. He who does stand up again to walk towards the goal can reach destined place. Enriching experience of working over one goal for long time blesses a person with recognition. Boxers have to bear thousands of punches on Jose before they become champion capable of knocking down the opponent. 

A long chain of efforts and perseverance lead us to great results. Small bricks, one over the other, delicately and appropriately placed, create memorable architectural pieces. Thousands of words written and erased, thoughts churned in mind and on paper, bring out a beautiful poem. 

It is a series of small attempts that culminates into marvellous victories, not an impulsive desires to achieve. 

Work daily, again and again, without fail, to achieve mastery of an art or skill. The value of each work accumulates to make us great. The learning from each attempt will finally enable us to create great and renowned work. Then after comes a stage when, with less efforts, we can create more value because of all the hard work hidden behind them. 

Have patience to work hard, work continuously, without expecting great miracles and being impulsive, to become skilful master of the profession. Immature expectations will not lead to sustainable talent. Have patience to grow. It takes time to reach to the level of excellence. 

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