Personality development of an individual depends on many factors, including individual characteristics like interest, goals, attitude, body-built and social factors like family, schooling, social acceptance or rejection etc. Although individualistic features are more important but social aspects dominate them to a great extent. 

Psychologists say if a person gets social acceptance, he feels encouraged and adheres to the criteria established in society. On the contrary if one feels rejection or isolation, chances are that he would revolt to the norms and have sour-grapes attitude. Rejected person may also take resort to anti-social or illegal activities.

Social customs change from time to time and place to place. Individual, whose taste and interest do not confirm to the time and place he is living in, finds difficult to adjust to the rules. In the case of such differences, one finds clash of personality versus society and either has to suppress his natural behaviour or develop a ‘go to hell’ attitude.

A person who has peaceful and satisfactory mindset of living a minimalist type of life, cannot adjust in fast growing corporate type of town. On the contrary, one who has sense of achievements and growth in life would not be comfortable in simplistic life of village. Resultantly, judging any one in different circumstances and perspectives would be a grave mistake and misunderstanding. 

One should endeavour to find career, environment and place as per own personal interests and attitudes to make own personality traits grow with full potential. However, given economic and political limitations, changing place may or may not be easy, but choosing career and environment is in our hand. A slight modification would also change the personality meaningfully. Recognising personal strength is the key to avoid society-personality conflict and bringing the environment to aid for happiness, growth and development in life. 

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