When some people walk into a room, everyone turns around to look at them. Why? Mostly because of the fragrance they are wearing. Yes, the smell attracts attention even before they have seen them. So, should you develop a habit of wearing good perfume? Well, it depends on your personal taste, but it is a widely accepted fact that wearing a good fragrance is better than not having anything on yourself. While you might not have a particular interest or taste in perfumes, it still creates an unconscious effect on others. The good odour instils a positive impression on people. It creates a calm, soothing and serene atmosphere.

We can consider people in two categories: those who wear perfume and those who don’t. There are many people who never wear any perfume, some because of reasons like allergy or particular disliking, but the majority of them mainly because they have never consciously thought of it. They don’t have a particular dislike but have never developed a special liking as well. Another category of people is who regularly wear perfume, having a specific understanding of the perfume or those just wanting something aromatic without particular preference. Whichever category you belong to, it is advisable that you give thought to wear a fragrance, at least as a trial. It can be in any form – perfume, scent, body spray or aftershave.

If you decide to try one, study your taste, and then buy a good quality product, which might be costly but will be suitable to your personality. It might be a product made locally or a well-known international brand. But wearing a cheap and inferior quality perfume won’t serve the purpose. To begin with, avoid strong and strange smells, instead choose something which is well-accepted, sober and soothing. It can be either a traditional smell of known flowers or a specially developed fragrance which is already been established in the market for a long. Some of the brands and their varieties are in the market for over a century. It can be safely tried if you belong to that class of society where those brands are used, some people might even instantly recognise that fragrance. If you live in a class where those brands are not very common, try to use a flower-based or other natural aroma like rose, marigold, lily, tulip, sandalwood, oud, etc. because these would be familiar to everyone everywhere. There are also alcohol-based and non-alcohol-based products from which you can choose whatever suits your taste.

Wearing good perfume gives your presence a welcome feeling. If you make some particular brand and fragrance your signature style, it is identified with your personality over the period of time in your known circle. It is not a bad idea to think of trying a few fragrances of different brands and then choosing one for yourself. You can also choose two, one for your office and one for casual occasions.

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