Success comes to a few as luck, to others as a chance and to the rest with skills.

The class of people who achieve success based on skills are those who endeavour in particular field diligently. Firing a bullet on a wall and then drawing a circle around the hit mark is not “hitting the bulls eye”.

Similarly, whatever we get as a bye-product of living the life cannot be termed as successful journey unless it is what we have aimed before starting the race. This is the reason Football is not played without goal post. Cricket is not possible without stumps and boundaries. Volleyball, Badminton and tennis need net and measured courts. Winning post is measure of success. This is a difference between satisfaction and success.

First step on the way to success is setting up a Goal. Once a goal is set up, person needs to develop required skills to achieve it. These skills may differ from goal to goal or from target to target. However, certain sets of skills are important for a happy life which include good health, sound financial condition, respect and recognition in society, selfless love and lasting peace. In any field, highest achievement will be of no value unless we acquire a these skills.

Now, people may call these characteristics as skills or goals or whatever but they are essential. I prefer to brand them as skills because having peace in life, being loved and ability to love others, maintaining good health, getting respect and recognition in society and access to required finance and wealth – all depend on specific skills. For example, skill to earn money and to save and invest is essential for sound financial condition. 

We can set a goal, identify set of skills necessary to achieve it and start working on the path to what I have phrased as “Skill based Success”. 

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