Struggle doesn’t ensure success. If you have gone through a taxing time, for any reason, it doesn’t entitle you to any kind of reward, necessarily. There is a common belief that if one has gone through pain, s/he gets honoured with a glorious achievement. But it doesn’t happen automatically. S/he has no right to grand fortune because of the strain faced earlier. There are many people in the world who are grappling with various things in life. Some are facing a shortage of money, some have a bad relationship. A few have health issues while many have social problems. All these may result in different kinds of hurdles that make life complicated but they are no surety of a good time ahead.

A young man, without any of his faults, ended up being robbed on a road while visiting a beautiful tourist destination. He had to go through a lot of impediments to get back home. These difficulties have no relevance in life except for a lesson learnt that one must be careful. However, to learn this lesson, one doesn’t need to face all these complications. Similarly, if a businessman incurs a huge loss, for any reason, or has to go through a long period of adversity in an attempt to establish his industry, it’s no certainty of getting remarkable prosperity in his endeavour.

Accomplishment depends on the learnings and perseverance that one shows in life. If there are challenges that one has to surpass, and during that straining journey, s/he acquires valuable wisdom and uses them in the future, it might become a base for attainment. But the exigencies in themselves are no ticket for entry to the hall of victory. We have seen thousands of people trying their luck the same way for year after year, without any improvement in their condition. Why? Because stressful time is not a stair to reach to a destination of fulfilment.

To ensure that you achieve your desired accomplishment in life, you need to take – sometimes – bold decisions and hard paths – which might be exhausting and rigorous. And, after walking through that road, you may reach the destination of your dream. But this is a decision-based struggle, not a situational challenge that most people face in their lives. If you are decisive and willing to manoeuvre for your road to victory, you will succeed. Otherwise facing hardship is no guarantee of success.

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