Success in life should make us happier and more satisfied. After all, we have achieved what we desired to – that’s success. But does it happen always? Mostly, NO. Mainly because immediately after getting success in any field, expectations from us increases multi fold. It makes us guarded against the high public opinion for us. And no one wants to fall below the bar set by previous success. That’s the cause of emotional drain out. Lot of appreciation and esteem makes us feel important and we do not want to lose that. As a result, we end up doing more and more, to keep up in others’ opinion.

Many times our family, friends and society expect us to do something and we feel its our duty to do so. Their expectation and need overlap. The thin line between our duty and courtesy gets blurred. It causes lot of pressure on us. We work beyond capacity and keep delivering as much as possible. This results into ignoring personal comfort and individual preferences. Our behaviour and actions are based on their comments and opinions. Again, resulting into emotional drain out for us.

How to avoid such emotional drain out? Three easy but effective tricks are here:

  1. Acceptance of one’s limitations: We are not superhuman. Although one success or someone’s expectation might have made us feel super powerful but we are actually not. Acceptance of one’s humility, simplicity and limitations is important. Unless we realise ourselves first that we cannot keep running always and we need rest – physically and emotionally – we cannot convey it to others. What is the problem if others know that we cannot do everything as per their expectation? Why do we need to prove that we are able and willing to fulfil their all demands?
  2. Stop living for others’ praise and validation: One’s life is for own self. Although there are some aspects which are interlinked with other people and society, but primarily one’s body breathes and eats for oneself. So our actions should also not be for others’ appraisal and validation. Others may or may not approve of us always. It should not bother us and should not result into emotional drain out. It is okay to take a break and relax. It is okay to fail sometime. There is no harm if we do not participate in every competition. No worry if our post on social media gets less likes than the previous one.
  3. Take care of health and wellness: First priority must be physical health and mental peace. In running around, our physical health and overall wellness are victimised. Without them, everything else will be affected adversely. Whenever we feel emotional pressure to stand out high, perhaps that call should be compared with requirement of health and wellness. Social prestige or glamour is not worth damaging health. Therefore, priorities must be decided. No need to skip a jogging session for a friend’s whatsapp call. No harm in saying no to beer on a detox day.

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5 thoughts on “Three Tricks to avoid Emotional Drain out

  1. All three points are well described, Will consider surely
    Self satisfaction and self time is a must need of life

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