Excess of anything is bad. Too much love is not good, too much money is not good, too much care is not useful, and too much confidence is also not productive. Most people will agree that anything in excess is harmful in its own way. Water is required for a ship to sail and the ship cannot sail without water, but excess water when it fills the ship may sink it. The water has to remain below the ship, should not come over it. Similarly, if one is in love, it should be in moderation, otherwise, love becomes poison, life-threatening. Take the love story of Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, or from any culture, it is excessive love that has killed the lovers. A counter-argument is that true lovers can sacrifice life for love. True, but look who is saying this is alive!

A mother who cares too much for her child spoils her. Those kids who are pampered by parents beyond need turn out to be weaker and less sociable than others who were given the opportunity to grow independently. While a child will need attention and care, too much of them is a spoiler. Better to understand that every child is an individual who has the inherent strength to grow independently. They don’t need hand holding beyond a point. As muscles grow stronger by exercise, children become strong by taking their own decisions independently.

If we speak of money, it is a useful tool for a better life. But it is only a tool, not life. When money helps in living life, it makes life better. But when life is lived to accumulate money, and it goes into the mind of an individual, it is of no use. It is harmful and also leads the person in the wrong way. There are examples of the wealthiest people going behind the bars and facing jail terms because they violated laws only to become richer and wealthier. It turns out that the money is of no use at the end when they undergo jail terms. It is a mistake to attach happiness to money.

Take an example of confidence. It is fine till the time it remains self-confident but as soon as it crosses the boundary and becomes self-arrogance, it is counterproductive. It doesn’t give strength to the individual but rather makes him weak. A person with arrogance cannot behave normally and therefore is misguided by his sense of overconfidence. It harms not only him but his organization and those who are dependent. People in the position of making a decision, when they become arrogant, lose the ability to listen to wise opinions and therefore are limited by their own inabilities. Their sense of confidence becomes an impermeable wall, preventing possibilities of growing better and wiser.

So, too much of anything is not good. It becomes harmful and an individual cannot come out of the greed and lust of accumulation. Find out if you are also on the path of having an obsession with too much in any field.

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