Gandhi is perhaps the most followed, loved, debated, argued individual in the twentieth century. He was the person who introduced a completely new concept of political movement. The weapon he used was very simple: human strength, that too, inner strength. His method of political resistance through non-violent means has saved millions of lives. Had everyone taken up arms, the earth would have become red. Thanks to his methods, even the poorest and weakest could participate in freedom movements.

Recently we celebrated 152nd Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, all over the world. Seminars and conferences were organised, his life, teaching and ideals were discussed and debated. He lived for 7 decades and experimented his methods in the socio-political laboratories of South Africa and India. His way was mostly novel in the political context but it became a huge success in both the continents. Later, and also during his own time, Gandhian way of political resistance and Gandhian way of life has been adopted by millions of people all over the world. Mostly any leader is influential in any particular field, but Gandhi has touched upon every aspect of human lives which will guide the humanity for centuries to come.

Gandhi’s ideals of not wasting any resources, respect for nature and environment, equal treatment to every human being, are solutions to many problems of the world today. No one knew this world will face the biggest crisis in terms of sustainability and climate change. Gandhi was a visionary in that sense. What he adopted for himself, as a saintly human, became a lifestyle for many of his followers. Later, unconsciously it has become a social habit to live Gandhian way. It has resulted in reduced waste and more sustainable lifestyle. His ideals were universal and will always be relevant.

Therefore, if one asks: Do we need any more Gandhi? Answer is NO – because one Gandhi has given us ideals which will be useful to the mankind for centuries to come. But if the question is: Do we need to follow Gandhi any more? The answer is YES and perhaps – ALWAYS.

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