The Year 2022 comes with new opportunities to deal with existing challenges. While we have seen unprecedented times in the last two years, the year 2022 is not going to be without challenges. But we have not only learnt to deal with this trying time but have also seen opportunities hidden behind them. The new year gives an opportunity to make the best out of this learning. Vaccination programmes and the strengthening of medical facilities have resulted in the bouncing back of major economies all over the world. International travel is relaxed except when a new variant emerges.

During the year when long-distance transportation was adversely affected and international shipping was in bad shape, the best course of action for anyone was to opt for local products. This situation has given a chance to small businesses to go digital and create their online footprint. The policy of Vocal for Local was a reverberation of what should be ideal for any economy in that situation. In addition, the Prime Minister’s call for a Target of $400 billion of export during the current financial year has further fueled action. It is clear from the fact that in comparison to total export of $291 billion during FY20-21, India’s total export during the period April-December 2021 was $300 billion, well on the line to achieve the target of $400 billion. A combination of these two policies will result in long term benefits to businesses in the domestic as well as international markets.

Currently, we are dealing with a new variant and this kind of behaviour of virus is expected to last for some more time. Therefore, it is for businesses and professionals to learn how to deal with reduced mobility and manpower. Governments will have to restrict movement to a certain extent in the interest of larger public good, but maintaining growth in such situations is a necessary skill. Now it is not a time to blame the pandemic because we have had enough chances to adapt to these circumstances personally as well as professionally. Being open to new ideas and technology is the key to survival and success in this challenging time.

Year 2022 rests on the springboard of a year which has witnessed a juxtaposition of severe covid and fastest vaccination drive in many countries including India. It is expected that covid during the year 2022 will remain milder in comparison to previous year and therefore it will pose lesser challenges and offer more opportunities. It will depend on the planning and management as to how much advantage one takes of the learnings and circumstances during the year. Some sectors of businesses are expected to witness a major growth trajectory while others may continue to face adversities but none of them will be severely impaired to make it difficult for them to survive. Having this in mind, it is possible for any professional or business person to find newer opportunities in 2022 to grow successfully.

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