We like excitement. The effect of hormones gives a feeling of thrill. Hardly any other feeling is as sensational as excitement. But how does it happen? What excites us?

Do you know what excites you? What creates a feeling of goosebumps and happiness? What makes the blood gushing in veins? When do your emotions become powerful? What brings a mountain of energy to your body and mind? Is it sports or a movie? You may get excited at every small thing or no arousal may happen even at the most adventurous thing. It depends on your likings and dislikings.

Knowing what excites you is not only interesting but important because it is one of the most direction-setting factors in life. If you don’t ever feel excited about doing anything, there will be no motivation to do anything. A person is driven towards activities that are pleasurable, and exciting. That gives a drive and a thrill. If you don’t enjoy horse riding, you will certainly not visit that school. A feeling of excitement will take you to climb the Everest. It is the same urge that compels one to play in a casino or sail in the strait. 

Excitement works as a motivation to do certain kinds of activities, which are not easy. No sports would be required if we don’t feel that passion for it. The feeling of enthusiasm and energy is something that takes us to another world. The rising heartbeat and fast-flowing blood create a thrill that we cannot ignore. Watching your favourite team playing the final of a tournament and winning the match – just remember it. How exciting it can become. More or less, everyone has certain areas of interest where they get a feeling of excitement. It makes them forget their sadness and sorrow. It takes them away from depression or disappointment. Excitement works as a medicine for good mental health. 

It is critical to guide our excitement in the right direction. It may lead or mislead us. It may complete people to pursue activities that benefit the human being or those acts which may harm our race. Many criminals are driven by this feeling of excitement. Therefore, it is vital that you know where your excitements are taking you. It is actually better if you can direct your stimulations. It could work as a motivation for you to achieve bigger goals in life. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success…. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” If you can attach your passion to those goals, you will enjoy the action of achieving them. It will never be boring to work towards that direction, nor will it be tiring. Try excitement as fuel for your big goals. 

So, do you know what excites you?

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