Over a period of time, when we routinely make decisions in any field, they become fixed, moulded and usual. It might be because of the duration of time we are taking such decisions or the quantity of them, but resultingly we lose novelty. We stop applying our minds afresh. No effort is made to give a new perspective to the matter at hand. No out-of-the-box thinking is applied to our conclusions. This fixes the quality of your decisions – not for good, unfortunately.

Everything needs to be updated from time to time, including our decisions. Especially for those in a professional capacity, their decisions need to be time-tested as well as time relevant. When the world is changing, the thought process needs to change as well. Unless we are adaptable to new circumstances, there is a chance of being outdated and obsolete. To avoid that situation, we should keep our information and intelligence modern. This should be used as input in arriving at any judgements. New inputs would lead to new output – unless we are rigid.

Sometimes in the burden of work and set routines, we do not at all review the system – hence no change comes into it. The precedent set by ourselves or others becomes a set procedure – hindering innovation and adaptation. Are you set in such a routine? If so, it is time to review it and come out of a formula which prevents new ideas. Better to examine it through fresh eyes and angles. Why be a prisoner of the past, when you can improve the present and through that future? It is the decision which leads to action. If your decisions are outdated, so would be action taken on them, and easy to imagine what would be the outcome.

For a better result, take a review of the quality of your decisions, the kind of inputs you use for them and the quality of actions applied over them. After all, we are given the ability to think, so why not use it every time we get an opportunity? Repetition can be performed even by robots. We cannot expect different results by working on the same choices. And, no new choices can be made unless we think of different options. Remember this while making the next decision.

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